September 8, 2009

Interior Decorating - Part 2

Started the second part of the preparing of the car. I picked up from Home Depot one of those scrub sponges you use for serious residue on dishes for the kitchen, and a bottle of GooGone. I sprayed A LOT of GooGone on every tar residue spot (don't be shy, just keep spraying) and let it set for a good 15 minutes. From there, I scrubbed each spot with the sponge as much as I could to get out any sort of residue left from the tar or adhesive.

It worked great, just a big mess of black thick goo after though. Clean it all up with paper towels after, and vacuum it up for good measure. I could have gotten a bit more adhesive on the floor, but it is so strong it would have taken me a lot longer when it was something so small anyways. I figured since it was still light out after doing this, I would start sanding down the parts I was ready to paint. I used about 6 multisurface scuff pads to lightly sand down all of the trunk, the backing of the rear passenger area, floors, and the sides of the power plant frame. Lastly, another vacuum pass to get out any of the dust from the sanding. Tomorrow will be part 3! Stay tuned!

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