February 3, 2008

Modified Airbox And Fog Lights

(DIY for Airbox is here , thanks a million Renesis SE3P! DIY for Fogs is here, thanks Mazda Maniac!)

Got together with Greenblurr for some fun. We decided to take a hack at modifying our Airboxes to what we've read, makes the OEM box the equivilent of an aftermarket air intake. The downside? Slight vibration when idling for the next 100 miles most RX-8's experience (I didn't). Since we were under the hood we also wanted to try and get the fog lights to go on when we actually ONLY want fog lights on and not both lights and fogs. It's stupid that Mazda and most car companies now are setting it so that fogs can only go on when you have your driving lights on.

Once we figured it out, the foglight modification literally took no more then 5-10 minutes. It was a simple game of putting one wire where another belonged, and eletrical taping it together. The end result is quite impressive.

The Airbox modification is self explanitory, as seen in the DIY. The only tough part was opening the airbox which took us much too long. But once done, the screens were gone, and more air flowed in. I felt a bit of "something", but the filter was much too dirty to really benefit from this modification. Stayed tuned to when I change the filter.

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