February 9, 2008

K&N Drop In Filter

(DIY is seen here)

So thanks to Greenblurr for getting the hookup for the cheap and quick delivery of this fine little piece right here.

We got together at his place, and after some fine sushi, we went ahead and installed this. Now I'll be honest, this was NOT as easy as the video makes it look. Granted, you CAN do it that fast after numerous practices (and hand scrapes- yeeoch), but it took us almost 30 minutes to finally pull it apart and slip this bad boy in. My filter that came with the car looked almost as black as my car, showing that it was definitely overdue.

Performance? It's an air filter. It honestly probably gave me 1 or 2 HP extra over the stock filter, but since mine was old and used and terrible, probably 4 HP? "Butt Dyno" says more, but doesn't it always?

The fact I even felt a slight something tells me that this was a great buy for only $50 (autozone quoted me $58). The recharge kit for this (which will be used in 20,000 miles) is only $16 at autozone, so the fact I can save money and save the filter is a sure winner right there. Knowing me, I may try another filter just to see the difference in feel, and keep my K&N or sell it to someone I know locally.

The sound of the intake did change as it added a sort of deeper sound, but not much. In a previous post, you'll notice I did the airbox modification, which helps flow as much air as possible into the intake manifold, so coupling the modified airbox with a high flow filter is a match made in heaven.

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