April 7, 2008

PIAA Silicon Wipers

Expensive as hell (for wipers at least), but man these are the greatest wipers known to man. $40 for both sides (10 driver - 7 passenger). So they advertise that not only do they bead the water well, but when you wipe, it's completely clear (seen here). I can 100% stand by that as these things clear my windshield of anything that lands on it. The water beads perfectly, so when it wipes, it completely clears off the water. It is always clear after each wipe, the beading never stops, and most of all... I've never heard a squeal or whine from these. Not once. I will update this post with a date for when I hear my first squeak (Yes I'll remember) but so far... These things are just superior in terms of wiping.

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