April 20, 2008

Install Meet With BBQ

First big meet I've been to! Today we had a huge event over in Watertown, MA at Sean's (WarCrunk) Mobil garage. It was a BBQ/spring meet with installations of just about anything. We got to meet a lot of people from the Mazda 6 crew, as well as local RX-8 Club members. Not too much else to say except that we got a special guest star, the grand Charles Ray Hill!

One of the popular forum vendors from RX-8 Club, who is also the owner of Black Halo Racing! Got to chat with him for a long while and be informed of his awesome upcoming products. I even got to take a ride in his street ported RX-8, which sounded a lot more aggressive then just some 8 with an exhaust.

Really not too much else other then it was great meeting the people, hanging out with Ray, and a lot of installs. Pictures are here, but unfortunately, they were taken with not so great quality.

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