August 17, 2014

Final Race Before Nationals

In grid, ready for action!
Final race before Nationals at Devens with NER! I got to test out quite a few new goodies this event, such as my new Series 2 RX-8 transmission, new matching lightweight flywheel and clutch kit, custom intake, and tune. I really was hoping to have the new brake pads in by this race, but unfortunately didn't get the chance to and fought with any sections I had to brake hard into.

Thanks to Wankel Works for the awesome clutch/flywheel kit!
The car felt fast off the line, and shifting was reliable and smooth. The intake robbed me a little bit of low-end power, but the midrange picked up quite a bit I noticed. Will Koscielny's Miata had broke, so he hopped in for the day and drove in Pro Class. He did great and even managed a '60.875 clean for his fastest run, putting him 4th in the Pro Class and 5th in PAX!

My fastest clean run was a '61.003, as I was still fighting the brakes when I went in deep into certain elements. My fastest dirty run was a '60.911 +2 cones (two really stupid cones that I barely ran over the base... Ah well). That was good enough for 1st in class, and 6th in PAX. The rest of the results are located here on NER's website. Below is a video of my fastest clean run, followed by my fastest dirty run.

I'd say overall, the car is more ready than it was last year for Nationals. Now it's just up to me to put everything together and give 100%... Which is what I'm planning to do. Can't wait to see everyone out there on the concrete beach! Stay tuned...

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