March 23, 2013

Time Is Running Out!

On the stands getting worked on
I know it's been awhile since I've posted (I'm saying that a lot lately these days!) but it's been crunch time with a lot of things going on in my life, racing included. I figured I would give some pictures and post a status update of where everything stands at least.

Mounts fit like a glove!
For starters, I got the BHR motor mounts in. I can't stress enough how critical it is to make sure you bolt the mounts to the arm brackets first and then lower the engine down after. This will then allow you to ensure that you can hand thread every bolt for the motor mounts (which will mean everything is lined up), or else you'll be in trouble.
OEM LSD goodness...
Big thanks to John for swapping out the differential for us back to the OEM Super LSD. The Tomei differential wasn't what we needed, and are going to see how we do with the OEM model again this year. If money allowed it, I might humor the idea of a OS Giken, but at the moment, I think we'll be solid with OEM.
Empty pumpkin
Sent out the radiator for repairs, thanks to Ray at BHR for the help with all of that and always standing by his products.

Better intake insulation was purchased from Design Engineering Inc (DEI). I didn't see a need to get the gold (other than the hate for the color) because I'm pretty confident my engine bay doesn't go above 400°.

We started working on aero and planning what to do with it, but it may not be ready in time for New Jersey Pro Solo unfortunately. The other maintenance is underway and will be done by the time the car is back on the road.

That's pretty much it at the moment. Stay tuned for updates, because the first event is April 7th!

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