November 14, 2012

Videos You Should Watch

I recently stumbled across a few videos I thought you all would like to check out!

First thing's first. Speedway Motors has been releasing a music video every year of Solo Nationals. This year, they kicked it up 10 levels, as it is probably one of the greatest music videos I have seen. Catchy upbeat song with some great footage! No way I'm missing Nationals in 2013 after seeing this now.

A great piece put together by Daniel Olivares. This was at Kaizen Tuning's season end meet at their new shop over in Boxborough, MA. A quick glimpse of my car in the video so I can't complain! It was a great time with a ton of people.

And last but certainly not least, a great video of an older Subaru STI rally car as it rips everything up in sight. Now, I know it's not rotary related, but it's so good and sounds so great that I just had to share it!

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