August 5, 2012

Rough Time @ The Speedway

Photo by Ed Savage - NoWin Photography
Rough day at NHMS. I couldn't figure out how to go faster at all, my hands were everywhere on the steering wheel, the car was understeering a lot... Talk about a mess! John managed to figure it out though, as he came 5th in PAX! Congrats to him on that and the win in BSP for the day.

The course was not like we used to run at NHMS... Kind of reminded me of a big snake. I had a hard time looking ahead, and I really just was all over the place with my hands. My fastest time was a '27.458 clean, and John got down to a '26.889 clean. The results are posted on NER's website. As the day went on, more problems came up (other than being a bad driver):
  • The adjustor for the rear passenger shock came off the top of the shock
  • Saw that we have a very small coolant leak
  • Exhaust is leaking somewhere because we almost went over sound, and you can hear the hissing
  • Hit a rock on the way home from NHMS (very bad rain storm out later on) that kicked up from the car in front of me and dented the exhaust brace and a few sections under the car
 So as I'm sure you can imagine, it wasn't the best of days for me.

Below are videos of John and I's fastest runs. The rest of the videos are located on my YouTube page. I'm thinking of skipping the next Renegade Miata event so I can take a break for awhile, get the car in proper working order, and enjoy some free time off.

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