September 25, 2011

Attack Of The Cones

Photo by Ed Savage - NoWin Photography
If I were to compare NER’s recent courses to this year’s previous courses, I would have to say they have become harder and harder (which makes me worried about the finale event coming up!). The sea of cones was intimidating to some of the novices that came out, but if you just focused on the cones that mattered most, you wouldn’t have a problem. Unfortunately, I focused too much on which cones mattered and not on my line, which was probably the intention behind the course design in the first place; misdirection.

Photo by Ed Savage - NoWin Photography
My two top times I had gotten was a ‘62.3 dirty and then a ‘62.5 clean. I was pleased with those times... until I had watched my videos more closely and had PJ explain to me where I was scrubbing off a lot of speed. I feel like even though I am learning other skills and techniques, old skills I used to excel at seem to be lacking. I don’t know if that just means I need more seat time, or need to focus more, but it is something I need to focus on next year for sure. I had secured 1st place in the afternoon until Josh had pulled down a fast time of ’61.9, knocking me down to 2nd place. The event results are here.

At the moment, there is only one more SCCA NER event left, and because of points, I have dropped down to 2nd place for the year. The year end results at the moment are located here. Because the last event is very different than a normal points event (due to it being the Sterling Moss Run-Offs), I have only my three runs in the morning to take 1st place back for the year. This will not be easy as everyone in BSP has grown tremendously throughout the year. I was in the lead before, and if I plan to take 1st place back, I need to get serious and stay focused; especially with only three chances at the title. Stay tuned.


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