November 27, 2010

Day 2 - Fuel Pump Install

Most of the morning was spent lounging around the house, nothing too fancy there. I think I hit vacation mode pretty hard given how calm and collected Ray always is. Come that afternoon, Ray, his girlfriend Jennifer, and I headed on down Tucson, which was about a 2-hour drive. We were heading there to install a fuel pump on a customer's RX-8 at that customer's house (talk about service!). It was fun to wrench on a customer car and help Ray out with the install, as it gave me a nice view into what it would be like if I were in his shoes. Even though I don't work for BHR, I still made sure I behaved as professional as possible (not uptight though!)
Once we were done, we headed back home the long way to enjoy some nice scenery of the city from the mountain side. It was rather breathtaking to see the city lights in Tucson from high above the city while also looking up and seeing the brilliance of the stars at the same time. Something pictures would never capture.

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