October 23, 2010

Last Event!

Today was the last event for Renegade Miata. When doing the initial course walk it seemed awkward, but after driving it, the course it was actually really fun and a nice change from the usual elements. I couldn't find anyone to co-drive with that had a car I was interested in trying out, so I spent my last event co-driving Bruce's NC Miata again. With his front A arm fixed, it was a much better experience than my last time in it. Thanks Bruce!My fastest time was a 1'19 , so that wasn't too bad, but there is still plenty of time left within that car. Bruce's best time of the day was 1'20, which is a huge improvement for him this year. The final results are located here on the club website.
Check out my fastest time in the video below, along with a fun run video in Wayne's new Mazdaspeed RX-8. His car had 19's from Volk Racing, and a staggered setup! It was interesting to feel how much a staggered setup can change the handling characteristics of the car. Check out here for some great pictures that were taken at the event as well!

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