September 13, 2010

False Alarm

Looks like everything worked out okay in the end, as I got to pick the car up earlier this evening. It seems the thermostat had failed, but instead of failing open, it failed shut. Since it failed shut, the reservoir tank began to boil over and spewed out coolant from there. What concerns me though is that the battery was randomly dead, thus why I couldn't start the car. Perhaps my battery is on it's way out now?

Regardless, Liberty Mazda saved the day and replaced the broken thermostat with a working OEM one. A few test drives and everything was working great. Temperatures are roughly 5 degrees higher now, but fluctuating between the temperatures is minimal. That being said, I think I'll be staying with the OEM thermostat, even though Mazmart is willing to replace it, free of charge. Thanks for saving the day though Liberty, glad that my engine isn't gone and still running strong.


Rafaga said...

Glad to hear that. I did blow my engine about a month ago, so I know the feeling. It was still under warranty, though, so I got a new one from mazda (phew!)

Marc Monnar said...

Sorry to hear it Raf, but at least you got a new one! How is it running, better than when you first got the car? I know I would've been disappointed if I lost the engine, but I lucked out for sure.

Boosted Thrills said...

I love being able to diagnose a car over the phone ;-)