January 9, 2010

Pads And Rotors

Talk about some good times with some good beer (except for that Dogfish beer that you brought Oleg... Dave said it best, tasted like a sandwhich). Got together with a lot of people today to install the new brake pads and rotors that I got back in November. Unfortunately due to it being colder that I would've hoped for, I couldn't paint the brake calipers while we were down there. I'll have to save that for another time.
Big ups to everyone that came to help and even just to hang out, I really appreciate the help and the company. Special big thanks to Oleg, Dave and Mike for teaching me the ins and outs of doing a full brake job on a car. As I was observing and learning how to do it more than actually doing it, this won't be a DIY until next brake job. Seemed very straight forward though, and there are plenty of posts on RX8 Club on how to do this.Can't wait for some warmth so I can bed these new pads in though! What I do have for you at least (besides the cool pictures of the brakes) is the bedding procedure, should you be interested in getting your own set. This information was taken straight from Axxis' website.

  1. Accelerate vehicle to 40 MPH
  2. Apply brakes using light to moderate pedal effort to reduce speed to approximately 10 MPH
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 at least ten times, allowing 1/4 mile between cycles
Under no circumstances drive the vehicle with the brakes continually applied as a break-in procedure because:
  1. Excessive heat will be generated
  2. Resins will burn
  3. Loss of braking efficiency could occur

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