July 2, 2008

Alignment To Match Suspension

Almost a month after installing the Tein S-Techs, I got a bit of an aggressive alignment to match up well with the new suspension setting. Granted, I had to wait about a month to let the suspension settle in before getting this done, but the wait was worth it. Thanks to Astral for setting this up for me -

Front camber - 1.7 degrees (max I got)
Front total toe-in - 0.09 degrees in
Front caster - .09

Rear camber - 2.0 degrees
Rear total toe-in - 0.19 degrees in

The alignment was done at the dealership I always get work done at, Liberty Mazda, and the results were better then expected (what else is new?). The match up with this alignment, the tires, and the springs really were a dramatic change in how the car felt overall, and others agreed. The turn in feeling was more natural, and felt more solid. The grip from the tires really sticks through the tire and nothing feels unpredictable at all.

As I mentioned before, the Toyo Proxies I had on before, if I pushed the car a bit or took a good turn, the car felt like it was at the limit already, making me nervous when driving just in general. But these tires gave me much more confidence when tackling any corner, especially with the new alignment. It felt like I was handed an extra bit of grip on my wheels.

To any that are wondering, this is about the maximum you can go in terms of alignment before you go into the "uneven tire wear" range. Again, thanks to the professor, he knows his stuff.

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